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Laurie is always creating One of a Kind pieces. Contact Laurie directly about availability and pricing. View One of a Kind Pieces

Each piece is made of stoneware clay and all glazes used are food safe.They can be warmed in the oven and are dishwasher safe. Hand washing is recommended for pieces with delicate handles. Slight variations in color, size and shape are acceptable due to the handmade nature of the work. A cord is tied through two small holes in the foot of most shallow bowls and platters to allow for easy hanging. View Serving Pieces

Each of these gals has her name inscribed on the bottom. Slight variations in color, shape and size is acceptable. Remember that girls like to talk… Great in groupings of three… but, five would make it a party. View Vases with Attitude

Each heart is open in the back with a picture wire for hanging. They look wonderful in grouping inside the home and outside on a front porch wall or garden shed. View Hearts
View Crosses

For centuries the Hamsas has been used as a symbol of good luck. Originating some thousands of years ago in the Far East, the hand represents the protective hand of god. This magical hand, also known as the Hamsas Hand, the Hand of Fatima, or the Hand of Miriam, is known to draw positive energy, happiness, riches and health to it’s owner. The extremely popular symbol has also been associated with bringing people luck, love, and protection from the curse of the evil eye.Each Hamsas will have a hang tag with the above definition. In addition, with an order of 3 or more, you will receive 2 each of 6 blessings to go with the Hamsa. Blessings Include: Friendship, Family, Home, Health, Baby and Business. View Hamsas

Each rattle will come with a small wish tag attached by ribbon.1| Only the heart can see the moments we’ve made2| With saddened eyes and heavy hearts, there comes a time for us to part. I will miss you.3| Dear Mother, When I catch my reflection, just a quick now and then, it seems that I see you, again and again. From the heart4| Remember every day, the difference you make in so many ways. From the heart5| One by one I filled this heart with joyous little nothings just for you6| A child’s sweet hand to kiss and hold, no softer scent, no sweeter gold. Congratulations!7| I heard a whisper on the wind, it came to me on angel’s breath. For there upon my gentle breast, lay a baby sweet at rest. It was you. In all the heavens, the very best from my heart.8| May your heart soar, Congratulations!9| True friends help you follow your dreams. From the heart

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